Who doesn’t love going out for a coffee or eating out with friends and family? Only to have the noise level rise to an uncomfortable level, which makes you want to spend less time in that venue. If people are spending less time in your venue, they’re spending less money, losing you repeat business.

We have seen this in many venues ranging from cafes, restaurants, pubs, clubs and sporting venues. It’s a common effect, resulting from various design elements in the venue, such as an abundance of reflective surfaces and lack of sound absorption. The lack of suitable acoustics means everyone raises their voices, or the venue increases the volume of the sound system, both of which only adds to the problem. Venues require ambience, not ambient noise.

Luckily there are many solutions to these problems, and we specialise in providing the right solution for you and your venue.

We can design, install and test a range of acoustic treatments which will alleviate these unnecessary noise issues and give people a more enjoyable experience overall in your venue. The results will also make your patrons want to stay longer, which is a great for repeat business and your bottom line. When they do leave they are more likely to recommend your venue to others.

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